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We are new at the University of Siegen, so we still have the capacity to supervise Bachelor and Master Theses. Visual Computing and Machine Learning are very sought after research fields and thus we get lot of requests from students for supervision. Thus, please read this page carefully before applying so that we get a better understanding of your background to make the process as effective as possible.  

Note that prior knowledge in our fields of research (e.g. gained by attending the lectures on Digital Image Processing, Deep Learning, etc.) is a requirement to be able to write a final thesis with us.

If you study computer science and would like to form a project group (Projektgruppe) in the field of machine learning and/or visual computing, you can send the application email with group members in a single email.

You can find a list of available topics for supervision here however, also feel free to approach us with any ideas you might have.


It is highly recommended for all students to have successfully participated in Training program for Studienarbeit/Projektarbeit to do a project with our group. If you have not done so then please apply for that, either by joining the course on moodle or sending an application as mentioned below. As this will help towards ensuring that a student does not fail the Studienarbeit/Projectaebeit/Thesis on grounds of lacking implementation knowledge.

Your Application

Please include the answers to following questions in detail and your transcript of records and CV in the application email and send the email to visual.computing@eti.uni-siegen.de


  1. Which program are you enrolled in, Bachelors or Masters and which course?
  2. Which Computer Vision and Machine Learning related courses have you done at the University?
  3. Which Computer Vision and Machine Learning related courses have you done online?
  4. Which area of work/research you prefer or are interested in? Please keep these related to our field of research, mentioned on our home page.
  5. What projects have you done so far?

Your Skills

Please rate yourself, out of 10, as answers to the following questions:

(0: No Knowledge | 2: Can understand the code/concept | 4: Can implement code/concept | 6: Can make creative changes | 8: Very efficient at the task/concept | 10: GOD level skills at task)

  1. Getting someone else's repository to run.
  2. Ability to read, understand and implement a CV or ML paper.
  3. Coding skills in the following:
    1. Python
    2. C/C++
    3. Julia
    4. Pytorch
    5. Tensorflow
    6. Keras