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Welcome to the Visual Computing Group of the University of Siegen. The group is headed by Prof. Margret Keuper. On this website, you can find information about the group members, our courses, publications, final thesis, and open positions.


Our research focus is Computer Vision, Visual Computing and Machine Learning, specifically

  • Learning Graph Embeddings and Graph Representations
  • Neural Architecture Search
  • Grouping Problems (in vision applications such as Image and Motion Segmentation and Multiple Object Tracking)
  • Efficient Solvers for Large Grouping Problems
  • Motion Estimation
  • Image Generation and Deep Fake Detection

We also have prior work on the segmentation in volumetric bio-medical image data.


Recently published papers:


Bachelor and Master Theses:

We are new at the University of Siegen, so we still have capacities to supervise Bachelor and Master Theses. Note that prior knowledge in our fields of research (e.g. gained by attending the lectures on Digital Image Processing, Deep Learning, etc.) is a requirement to be able to write a final thesis with us. If you study computer science and would like to form a project group (Projektgruppe) in the field of machine learning and/or visual computing, please contact Margret Keuper at margret.keuper@uni-siegen.de.